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SHOT Show 2020 – Tactical Solutions, Samson, YHM, Serbu, FAB Defense, Wolf, Suppressed Weapons Systems, Kel-Tec, Next Level Training (SIRT)

I’ve moved on from the supplier showcase to the main expo hall. It’s very difficult to communicate just how huge SHOT is – it dwarfs pretty much everything I’ve ever been to.

My first stop was Tactical Solutions (perhaps better known as “TacSol”). TacSol had a big pre-SHOT release, which was the .22lr “Ohwyhee” rifle. In that no-bullshit manner that always endears me to vendors, I asked why it exists when I can just buy a 10/22 from them. What does being bolt action get me? He smiled, and handed me the rifle.


Folks, this thing is damned lightweight, even compared to my 3D printed receiver 10/22, and the build quality is just stellar. It is also the only takedown bolt action 22lr out there. I’m not going to claim this is a rifle everyone needs, because it’s not, and definitely not at $1000 MSRP, but I can definitely see a market for people who want a high-quality 22lr bolt action without incurring the weight hit and portability hit of other platforms.

We also did a brief walkthrough of their integrally suppressed 22s. They’re not new,  but I’ve never handled one in the flesh, so that was interesting.

While swinging by the Samson Manufacturing booth, something caught my eye.


Yes, that’s a new-manufacture Ruger Mini-14 folding stock, along with a 10/22 version. They are working with Ruger on it, including the manufacturing. I think it will be VERY appealing to people who want that AC-556 look, but don’t want that “rare factory stock” price.

My next stop was YHM. YHM recently announced the new Nitro N20 suppressor, which reminds me of a less beefy Omega 36M. I think they might have a winner with this one, because in short config with direct thread, it’s only 6.5oz. They also alluded that it could take other QD mount systems, which I assume means Omega threads. If you’re like me and in the market for a K-can, this one is worth a look.


While moving to my next destination, I ran into the Serbu Firearms booth, and Serbu actual himself, Mark Serbu. They had a Liberator 12K on display, which, as a 3D printing guy, greatly interested me. It’s very much a scaled up Imura, with a clever sear system. Super illegal in my home state due to the cylinder mag, alas. We also bemoaned the demise of the SU-15 upper… rest in peace.


I was very pleased to meet up with FAB Defense after that. Even though I don’t do all-Israeli stuff anymore, I’m more than happy to meet up with them. FAB had quite a bit of stuff on display, but wanted to emphasize their “precision bundle” of a stock, rubberized pistol grip, and polymer/metal bipod.

What I handled seemed solid, and could be a good value depending on pricing. They also definitely deserve some credit for finally releasing a pistol grip without those obnoxious finger grooves on them. I also snapped a couple pictures of their pistol chassis systems.

While seeing if Radical had anything I cared about (didn’t seem that way), I did take a couple pictures of Suppressed Weapon Systems guns. I didn’t have a chance to talk with them, unfortunately. I might double back and see if there’s something I’m missing.

Kel-Tec was very helpful to me, and was kind enough to 1) listen to me complain about the lack of a factory MLOK handguard on the PLR-16/SU-16 and 2) show off the new Sub-2k CQB, which is integrally suppressed. The S2K CQB is a VERY interesting gun. In many ways, it is really a gen 3 Sub-2k. The integrally suppressed barrel ROTATES. The reviews I saw seemed to completely miss this, and it is probably the best feature of the gun. You can now fold the gun WITHOUT removing your optics or irons. I still don’t like the charging handle location, but it almost feels like I can live with the gun now, and that is a major accomplishment for K-T. An FFL who wandered by commented that they sold their allotment immediately, so the guns are in the wild now if you’re into that. The decibel number I heard was 133db, which is more than acceptable.

I stopped by Wolf Ammo for a brief chat. They are cool, friendly guys! I know it is uncool to love steel-cased ammo in some circles, but they’ve enabled me to stretch my budget to do more shooting, and that’s a virtue in my book.


The big release of the year is the steel-cased .300 AAC ammo. Supersonic 145gr to start, and subsonic near the end of the year. You should also see copper jacket (vs bimetal) .223, .308, and 7.62×39 filter in over the next few months. They mentioned the possibility of 9mm, but didn’t feel it would be economical. I also bent their ear about getting more subsonic 7.62×39 into the country.

My final stop before lunch was at Next Level Training, who makes the SIRT pistol. I do a LOT of dry-firing with my SIRT pistol, so I was eager to engage with them. They have an exciting product coming out in Q2 of this year (hopefully) that will let you plug a SIRT pistol into an AR-style chassis.


This is pretty great if you want to do rifle dry-fire drills without the concern of using a rifle. I encouraged them to develop a weighted mag for it similar to the existing SIRT mags.

There’s still a lot more to come!

JDC Speed Shooting & Shot Calling Class AAR

As I’ve progressed as a shooter, I try to tailor the classes that I take to address my particular needs. It’s a little hard to list out my needs, as my shortcomings are myriad, but tightening up my speed while maintaining accuracy is certainly high on my list. When I saw Justified Defensive Concepts’ 2020 schedule, and the Speed Shooting & Shot Calling class on it, I knew I was not going to miss it.

If you want some indication just how much I was not going to miss it, here’s the story. I am writing this AAR from Las Vegas, where I will be attending SHOT Show for the first time. I got home from this class at 11:15 PM on Sunday night – as expected – secured my weapons, went to sleep at 11:30 PM, and woke up at 4:15 AM on Monday to catch a flight to Las Vegas. That is punishing, and I was pretty fatigued on Monday, but I think it was worth it.

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2019 in Review, and Plans for 2020

One of my favorite posts to write last year – even if no one read it – was the 2018 in Review post. This was a review of the year, followed by some plans and goals for the next year. My shooting year is basically complete at this point, barring a couple of matches, so I think it’s time to start looking back so I can move forward.

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Green Ops Defensive Pistol Clinic I AAR

I had the pleasure of attending the Green Ops Defensive Pistol Clinic this past Sunday. I was looking through my blog to refresh my memory about it, and it turns out that it has been a full year since the last time I took this clinic. This was kind of a surprise! I go to a lot of these clinics, but it seems I’ve branched out quite a bit. It did make me excited to see how it has evolved since then, and I was not disappointed!

Read on for the AAR!

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Modern Samurai Project 2-Day RDS Pistol Course TD2 Thoughts

Six months ago, I took a Modern Samurai Project red dot pistol class – really only a single day of it – and it totally blew my mind. I have been shooting red dot-equipped pistols almost exclusively ever since. I immediately signed up for the next class when it became available, which I took this past Sunday. This class was hosted by Green Ops.

Since I was only able to take one-day of the class (as I am Sabbath observant and can’t shoot on Saturdays), I will refrain from calling this an AAR and instead just call them “thoughts”. Read on for what I thought!

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Training Calendars for 2020 (DC area) (UPDATED 11/1/2019)

I felt that it was worth announcing for my local readers that the big local training vendors have at least partial 2020 calendars up. Like any good training junkie, I schedule way out in advance so I can fit classes in around my competitive shooting schedule (expect MUCH more of that in 2020).

Green Ops: Schedule is here. Green Ops is also hosting the yearly local Modern Samurai Project class, so check them out if you’re interested in that. They’ve also told me there’s still a few more classes they’re going to add once they work out physical hosting. There is a LOT to love about the schedule this year; more advanced classes, more classes on Sundays, TCCC, etc.

Justified Defensive Concepts: Schedule is here. Broadly similar to last year – which is a good thing – but I expect to see a couple additions as the year goes on.

FPF Training: Schedule is here. It’s clearly not complete, but there’s already a lot of solid classes for 2020 on there, including some very well-regarded visiting instructors.

PNTC: Schedule is here. There is some really neat stuff in this calendar, and it’s basically the only place in the area for extreme long range shooting.

Tactical Operations Consulting doesn’t have their schedule up yet (it’ll be released in November), but I am very interested in training with them this year. Shadow Hawk tends to post their classes up on a quarterly basis.

Green Ops Advanced Covert Carry Skills Impressions (TD2)

A topic that gets precious little coverage on this blog is concealed carry. I live in MD; there’s functionally no concealed carry for average people here unless you meet some very specific criteria. This is compounded by having a job where concealed carry is not a viable option. Thus, I have the gear, but the topic is essentially theoretical to me.

When I was invited to the second day of Green Op’s Advanced Covert Carry Skills course, I was a little apprehensive. I mean, I always enjoy learning from Mike Green, who is one of the best instructors out there, and hard shooting is good shooting. The timing of the course, however, was very awkward (literally the day before Succot began in the evening) and I’m always nervous about going into day two of a course and then trying to play catch up. But they wanted me to come, and I really wanted to see Mike, so I gave in.

I can say with emphasis that I’m glad I did.

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