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X95 SBR Parts Now Available

If you’re in a state that allows SBRs AND you’re an X95 owner, your ship has come in.

IWI-US has announced on Facebook that the X95 short foregrip and thin buttplate are now available. The 13.5″ barrel is still on the way, but a 3″ chop from 16.5″ is unlikely to require much in the way of gas system changes. The resulting gun will not look exactly like a mil-spec X95, but it’ll definitely be a lot closer. Be warned that putting the thin buttplate on a stock 16.5″ X95 will turn it into an SBR, as it will no longer make the 26″ OAL limit.

Now, where’s the Galil ACE and Uzi Pro SBR kits? 🙂


Follow-up: NiteScout A3 as an SBR

The stamp finally came back for my NiteScout A3 SBR. Here’s a picture of it with a Magpul ACS stock (necessary to get it to MD-compliant 29″ OAL):

IMG_1233Suffice it to say, it’s infinitely more usable with that stock attached. Still on the heavy side for a pistol-caliber carbine, but it balances well. With an optic, I think it’d be a pretty rocking PCC SBR.