More fun with Galil mags: SiGalil


Much like I enjoy using my Uzi mags in different guns, I’ve been looking for ways to use my Galil mags in other platforms. Galil mags are interesting because they fit standard AK-47 magwells. So, if you’ve got a gun with an AK magwell, you’re halfway there.

Well, an “undocumented feature” of the Sig 556 platform is that if you put a Sig 556 upper on a Sig 556R lower, the gun will function just fine with Galil mags. There’s a small caveat there – polymer magazines won’t fit – but steel mags are just fine. I don’t know if this an improvement on the standard Sig 556, but it’s a clever hack.

10 thoughts on “More fun with Galil mags: SiGalil”

  1. Enjoyed this post as I have both a SIG556 and an original Galil preban in 556. Just curious if you have any recommendations on the best way to mount an optic on the galil?


    1. I think a discussion of Galil optics mounting options would be a fun post, especially in the post-ACE era at the end of the year. You’ve got the dust cover, the gas tube, the side dovetail (if you’re lucky enough to have one), and the front handguard.

      Suffice it to say, they all have flaws. The dustcover is marginal for supporting heavier optics. The side mount screw has been known to go _into the receiver_ on certain guns (probably badly heat-treated IMIs and ORFs?). The gas tube has debatable RTZ. The front handguards are subject to thermal expansion and warping issues.

      This is one of those big reasons that, if fixed correctly, the Galil ACE will be such a big improvement over the standard Galil.


      1. The MI rail has gotten good reviews, yeah. The VFR-GA is also supposedly not a bad option, except for being heavy and expensive.

        The one I’d really like to run on my gun is the Galil Ultra kit, since that’s “blessed” by IWI. Not sure it would solve the problem with the top handguard warping under heat, but I’d be curious to see if they made an attempt to solve that problem.


      2. The VFR-GA would definitely add more rail “real estate” to the galil. My problem is FAB Defense prices their products like we are all rich. Unfortunately I work for a living, so while I want solutions that actually work tactically, I have to find more cost effective solutions.

        I would definitely like to get my hands on the Galil Ultra kit. But I have never found it online anywhere. Do you have a link and cost?


      3. Ha, I wish I had a source for the Galil Ultra kit, I would have bought one in a hurry. The only reason I even think it’s a real thing (versus just a prototype mock-up) is because one of the NRA gun rags had a picture of them shooting a Galil SAR with one while they were out in Israel recently.


      4. Okay then I don’t feel so bad that I have never seen the Ultra kit online! If they ever make it available, definitely post it up! I would be all over it as well. I agree with your Galil review regarding the weight issue. That said it’s still one of the best derivations of the AK in a more modern combat rifle in 556 ever.

        I am very interested in seeing the improvements in the Galil Ace. I am not a bullpup fan for a combat rifle, so I look forward to the Ace finally being available in the US.


  2. Did you have to modify the magazines or the upper or lower for them to work correctly? I currently have a sig 556 swat in .223 and was looking at purchasing the 556xi Russian.


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